Poor Cooper

This morning Cooper had his vet appointment and it terrified him. He hasn’t been to a vet in two years, so I’m sure all the old trauma has fallen from his memory. But today it came slamming back at him. He got his nails clipped and the tech accidently cut the quick on one nail and he was bleeding profusely. Fortunately he didn’t seem to be in any pain – he didn’t yelp when she cut the nail, and let her continue to cut the rest of his nails. They did various tests and he came back normal. He is 4-6 pounds heavier than 2006, which the doctor said was normal as he gets older (he’s 7 years old).

The vet looked at his teeth and determined Cooper needs his teeth cleaned immediately. He has a growth on the side of his jaw, and the vet said it is most likely a cyst forming from bacteria backing up along his gumline from the tooth decay. Don’t know how true that is, but when we check in Cooper for his Thanksgiving vacation it won’t be a vacation – he’ll be getting his teeth cleaned AND the cyst taken out. Poor guy. So the kennel stay will be more expensive than originally anticipated – yet one more “fun” thing to pay for in the next two months that we can’t really afford.

When I dropped Cooper off at home he was grateful and couldn’t get in the house fast enough. He hates being in the car, too. So it was not a fun morning for him.

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  1. Poor Cooper is right. Glad you got his nails clipped at all. With regard to expenses goes, I think I read some where that dogs and cats cost a few thousand dollars on average in expenses (food and vet, etc.) over their life times. I know an easy way to save money. We’ll just ride out our current pet expenses. More reasons why we aren’t going to own another dog on my watch. But I do love Cooper. And actually I have great compassion for animals, just don’t need to live with them — especially dogs. Cats, I like. Thanks for getting him checked out.

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