Pool Time?

I wonder if I can fit in any pool time this morning with CootieGirl despite my Blogathon efforts? Let’s see…I can post then put on our bathing suits then while CootieGirl gets the towels I can come up and post. Spend 15 minutes in the pool, run in the house wrapped up in an absorbant towel and come up and post then go back for another 15 minute swim. That’s about the total length of time CootieGirl wants to be in the pool anyway.

As long as Denis is here to watch CootieBoy, or if CootieBoy is down for a nap, it should work.

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  1. Look on the bright side ~at least you’ve got a good weight loss program going there. Going up and down the steps countless times today should burn off some calories!

  2. I was wondering if you were going to go swimming with CootieGirl. I think it sounds like a good plan. Then you won’t have to shower until after the swimming!! 😀

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