Pool Time With The Kids

Today I took both kids in the pool next door. CootieGirl went in the early afternoon and had a good time sitting on the raft splashing the water and also jumped into my arms several times. We went in at the hottest point of the day and stupid me forgot sunscreen. CootieGirl is fine but my shoulders are pink. Towards the end of our time in the pool I decided to specifically teach CootieGirl how to dunk herself in the pool. I showed her how to hold her nose closed, close her mouth, close her eyes. While she was on the raft I even dunked myself so she could see what to do. Then I held her and told her we were going to dunk. I told her to hold her nose, etc., but then when I took her under she immediately let go of her nose and opened her mouth. *lol* So much for that. Needless to say pool time was over after that.

About an hour ago I took CootieBoy over (more to wipe him out before bedtime than anything else). He loves the pool – even more than CootieGirl. He loves kicking at the water and going up and down in it. More than once he tried to push his way out of my arms in order to “swim” across the water (no, I didn’t let go of him). After about thirty minutes of constant giggles from the CootieBoy Front, I opted to dunk him. I counted to three and DUNK down he went – it was more like a baptism – down and up in one fluid motion. His face when he came up was one of shock. I wiped the water away from his eyes and then threw him up the air and he promptly started giggling again and trying to swim on his own. That’s my boy.

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