Pool Time! Part II

Once CootieGirl arose from her nap a few hours later, Denis was home and CootieBoy was rarin’ to go. I told Denis all about CootieGirl’s adventure in the pool and CootieGirl starting yelling, “Pool! Pool! Pool!” at Denis and made for the stairs to go find her still-soggy swimsuit.

I told Denis that I’d love to see how CootieBoy would be in the pool, and so we decided to head back over. I put CootieBoy in his safety pants and swimsuit, but kept CootieGirl in her safety pants and shorts, and I just wore shorts and a t-shirt since I didn’t feel like putting the swimsuit on again. Art and Birgit were on their backdeck and welcomed us to hang out.

Once again CootieGirl was on that ladder in an instant once the guard door was open. I got in the pool first and she jumped into my arms again. Then I had her sit on the top step while I got CootieBoy settled into his floaty thing that we bought last year that CootieGirl refused to use. CootieBoy loved the pool. He never had a doubt and was kicking like crazy in his floaty around that pool.

When CootieGirl was done in the pool and up eating chips with the rest of the folks, I took CootieBoy out of the floaty and held him as we continued to play in the pool. He loved the water, loved kicking his legs and loved being on his belly as he moved in the pool (with my holding him slightly above the water, obviously).

All in all I think it’s going to be a fun summer – both my kids are water babies and with any luck by summer’s end I’ll have one almost swimming and the other one in the frame of mind to learn to swim on his own next summer.

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