Poker Brunch!

So today is our poker brunch, beginning at noon. It’s a small group today since four of our regular players moved in the past few months. However, four of the people coming today are new, so it’ll be interesting to have a new dynamic in the game.

Lots to do to get ready – a bit of sweeping, mopping, dusting, decluttering. I don’t know how much of a house tour I’ll give to the folks that have never been here – I guess it depends on how much cleaning up I get done.

Food on tap today:
Silver Dollar Pancakes
Cottage Potatoes
Fruit Salad

Last time we had gobs of food leftover, so we’re trying to go minimal this time since we’re only going to have seven people (possibly nine if two usual “no-shows” actually make it this time).

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Poker Brunch

So on Saturday we had our latest Poker event at our house. We had eight people (including Denis and me) for the day. Start time was 12 p.m. and we served breakfast foods – pancakes, bagels, muffins, an egg dish, bacon and sausage, monkey bread, etc. We had eight people but made enough for thirty. There was so much food left over it was scary. Especially for me since I was going no-carbs on Monday!

Poker started once the kids went down for their afternoon nap. The pot was $240 and after approximately 5 hours of poker, Denis came out the winner over Cakes’ wife, Georgina (but known here as Wifey). Cakes was the first to go out, followed by Ace, and so they played Electronic Battleship while we continued with the poker. I went out third, Dave T. went out fourth, Jen went out fifth, leaving Anthony, Wifey and Denis. They played for a long time until finally Anthony was taken out and it was down to head’s up. It went back and forth and eventually the antes were $10, minimum bet was $10 and it was no-limit. Denis’ whittled away Wifey’s bigger chip count until she had $20 left. He put her all in figuring she had a good hand, but in the end his pair of Aces won. Denis was generous – $40 to CootieBoy, $40 to CootieGirl, $60 to me and $100 to himself. Pretty good!

We hung out for a while at the house after that and all in all it was a fun afternoon!

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Poker Brunch

Tomorrow we were going to attend a poker brunch being held at Meredyth and Jonathan’s place in Brooklyn. Alas, M. sent out an email early this morning saying that she has the flu and will have the postpone the activities to next week.

But not to be deterred, Ace, Anthony, my sister and possibly Cakes & Wifey will be coming to the Cootie household for at least some food and possibly a short poker game. And then we’ll just do it all again in the future with M&J.

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