PLEASE, America – Will You Vote Her Out Now?

Carmen What’s-Her-Name is just awful. And finally two of the AI2 judges said it, although they were a bit brutal. I laughed when Randy say, “You know you aren’t the American Idol,” or something like that. And when Simon agreed, you know he had to be cringing inside that she was his wildcard pick. Sadly, last night’s song wasn’t her worst, but I’m hoping all her past transgressions will finally be realized and America will vote her out.

Kimberly Locke was great – I didn’t think she was GENIUS like Randy and Simon did, but she did a great job and doesn’t deserve to be in the bottom three tonight. So if she is, then America sucks in their obvious dislike for a larger woman as American Idol. Despite the fact that she’s obviously lost some weight since getting into the Top 12 and dealing with that stress.

Clay and Rooo-ben were hands down the best of the night. For once Clay didn’t make all those goofy faces, and Rooo-ben went for a different style. They both succeeded with their slight changes. I agree with Simon that Clay will be great on Broadway – I think I’ve said that here many many times. Glad to get validation on that opinion. And the fact that Rooo-ben sang that well despite having a head cold shows he’s a true performer!

The Bottom Three for tonight. Josh Gracin – poor guy may love singing that to his wife, but it was awful. Carmen What’s-Her-Name – Please, America, I’m begging you. And simply because SOMEONE else has to fill out the bottom three, I’ll put Trenyce in there – she forgot the words at some point, and despite a quick recovery, the song just wasn’t that good.

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  1. Sorry…I have to say that I think Kimberly Locke was the best last night…she outdid Clay and R00-ben in my opinion. I actually did think Clay did a pretty good job and even though Roo-ben changed a little, I still think it is too similar to the other stuff he’s done. I still think he’ll probably win, but I’d like to see him really surprise us. It should be a toss up on who gets booted…between Josh and Carmen. Josh was just awful last night and he has seen the bottom three a few times before. I know we all really want to see Carmen gone…but does the rest of America? (they’ve hung on to her this long)

  2. Christy, I have to agree with everything you say, except Carmen really was worse than Josh. You are right that America seems to want to keep her around. It’s probably because she’s the prettiest to look at. I think that’s why Simon chose her in the first place. She had the American Idol look. A wholesome/sexy pop singer.

    My pick for bottom three: Carmen, Trenece (sp?) and Josh. Let’s see how America voted.

  3. Hey – Ho, Carmen has got to go!

    Josh was terrible.

    Ruben is great but predictable.

    I love Clay and I don’t know why I’m amazed by him every week.

  4. I just got to work (very late today) and came to check out your comments right away!!!

    I’m totally loving Kim Locke!!! She’s my number one, she keeps getting better and better. I had to agree with Simon last night: Clay is good, but he’s Broadway bound. That, or Micheal Bolton Land. he doesn’t do it for me anymore.

    Ruben has a great voice, but he’s a bit of a one-trick pony for me. If he wins, I’ll be happy for him, but I really think Kim is going to come back from behind to win it all.

    As for Carmen, Bu-Bye, that’s all I have to say.

  5. Kim Locke is good. Trenyce was awesome as well I was sad to see her get the boot. Josh was awesome as were Clay and Rooooben. They all better step it up for Tuesday, and the thing of it is.. it’s gonna be tough to choose because they’re all VERY talented. My vote’s going for Josh though. Next to his boyish looks, he’s got a “down home”, comforting personality. Nothin fake about him. That’s what I like. 🙂

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