Planting a Seed

Two topics for you today. Lawn care and Survivor. We’ll start with Survivor. How about that John, huh? Getting kicked off just when he could taste the $1 mil. Nice. The only bad thing about him getting kicked off is that I didn’t pick him to get kicked off in my pool – so I’m still in second place (out of two, I should add). I’m gonna go out on a limb and predict right now that Vecepia is going to win the whole thing. Which means she’ll get kicked out next week.

Now, on to the next topic. Last night I went out to work on deweeding our backyard (it’s covered in dandelions), and lo and behold I discovered that a hundred or so of the acorns that fell last fall have taken root and are now growing little mini oak trees all over lawn (acorns come from oak trees, right?). So we began the debate: what do we do? There’s no way we can possibly get up all the acorns (about 10,347 fell off that tree). Which means that all those acorns are laying in wait, prepared to sprout.

I researched getting brand new sod and laying down a fresh lawn, only to discover that despite it costing only $0.36 per sq ft, since we have a 50×75 ft backyard, it would cost about $1300 or so. I’m not prepared to spend that much money on a LAWN (especially since that doesn’t even include the cost of getting up the OLD lawn). So then I thought, “Why can’t we just start from scratch and grow it ourselves?

Here’s why I like this plan:

1. Less expensive

2. Less work

3. More fun to see results of labor

Here’s why I don’t like this plan:

1. Risk of failure

2. I’d have to actually WALK Cooper the Dog instead of just letting him run around the backyard. This I would have to do until the lawn survives it’s first mowing, which, according to what I’ve read, doesn’t occur for at least 2 months.

Then upon further reading I discovered that the BEST time to start a new lawn is in the late summer – so that it has time to take root and be strong before the harsh summer heat. So, I’m now beginning to think that I’m just going to let the backyard go, then in August we can rip it up and start fresh.

Now if we can just find a way to NOT have acorns fall into our yard….any suggestions?

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