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Denis and I just went looking for a post about the 2010 White Elephant menu plans, and couldn’t find it. I could SWEAR that I typed one in a few months ago. But it’s nowhere.

So consider this the placeholder. And potential final menu for this year’s White Elephant party. We’ve decided this year to do a whole new menu – everything we make will be brand new for our parties.

1. Cauliflower Fritters (YUM)
2. Stuffed jalepenos (also called armadillo eggs)
3. Shrimp and grits cups
4. Breaded fried ravioli
5. Fried mushrooms
6. Buffalo chicken strips
7. Bacon wrapped scallops
8. Broccoli/cheese bites
9. Mac & cheese minis
10. Potato bites
11. Beef pies
12. Shrimp cerviche
13. Bacon/cheese cups

LOTS of veggie dishes there (7 out of 13) – may need to shake that up a bit to get more meat in there. But that’s our starting base and it may shift over time.

We have other dishes we’re considering – BBQ or Moroccan meatballs, tilapia sliders, romaine BBQ teasers (don’t ask – but they look GOOD), and lobster sweet potato salad in phyllo cups.

So there you have it. A quick list that’s really mainly for us to consult in October when we start getting into serious planning mode. And for those of you who come – something to salivate over in the meantime.

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