Pink Eye, Part II

This morning CootieGirl woke up with a swollen eye, and Denis admitted that he wiped some schmutz our of her eye yesterday. Yes, ladies and gents, pink eye is back in our house.

CootieBoy is at daycare, and CootieGirl is home with Daddy again (who is not very happy about not being able to work two days in a row). The pediatrician opens his doors in about 15 minutes and Denis plans on taking CootieGirl over for some ointment in about an hour.

In other news, I’ve got a major migraine going this morning, folks. Combine equal parts sleeping poorly last night, miserable weather, a leaking roof, pink eye and a really hectic week at work in a giant tumbler and then throw that tumbler at point blank range into my skull and that’s where the migraine blooms.

Update at 12:39 p.m.: Busiest day ever at work. I’m going insane. Also, Denis just called from the pediatrician’s office. Not only does CootieGirl have pink eye, but so does Denis. :weeping:

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  1. :scared:

    pa pa pa pink eye you say? Oh dear. Luckly she was in a snit before she went to bed last night and never slapped me that high five I always ask for.

    **crosses fingers for no pink eye

  2. Hi Jane – sorry to hear about your roof and the pink eye – neither of which are any fun at all!
    I don’t have your home email address, so I’m using your blog to ask you…you know that game we played at your house with the obscure foreign sayings that you had to finish & guess which one is correct? I’ve been looking for it in toystores with no success, probably because I don’t know the name of the game. I’d like to get it for my sister for Christmas. Could you let me know what it is called so I can find it? Thanks! We’re heading to Fla on Monday, yay! Anne

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