Pictures Worth 1,000 Words

There was a blog I used to read (sadly, now defunct) that always had at least one link in his blog to a completely random, weird picture of some time. I used to love clicking on the link, never knowing if I was going to see a hippo wearing lipstick or a hot pink Lamborghini. I try to shake up my posts with pictures every now and again. Most of the time I have them saved directly on my server, but sometimes I don’t and don’t feel like moving them to my server just to make a post. So I’ll link from whatever site has the photo – Flickr, Photobucket, and even Picasa.

Blog Pictures | acobox.comWell, there’s a new service, called Acobox, which hosts pictures for bloggers. Acobox has made sure that all blog pictures are licensed and ready use with blogs (such as the picture you see to the left). Acobox is new – so not a lot of graphics are available, but I could see using this service. I signed up and upon surfing through I selected this picture to add and gave it the functions I wanted (left justified, 200 pixel width) and it provided me the code to copy and paste in the post! That’s awesome (usually I have to hand code the justification and pixel width myself). There’s nothing to download since Acobox hosts the picture. Even better – Acobox is free!

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