Pictures from SYTYCD Charlotte Tour Stop 2008

So here are the best of the photos of the other night’s show. They are clickable to make them even bigger.

Let me explain the last shot there – it’s Gev in drag and Will in the uniform. At some point in the show they started talking about how they did dances from all over the world. Those of you who watched the season know that Gev was teased a lot on the show about the fact that he had an obvious crush on his main dance partner Courtney (the brunette in the green teddy in an earlier picture). So they played that up during the whole show, to the point where he’d get in the women’s costume if only to be onstage while Courtney was discussing the dances from around the world. At some point, Will took over the description, but Gev still came out in drag. Very cute skit and the crowd LOVED Gev’s willingness to poke fun at himself.

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