Phone Changes

I changed my cell phone coverage today. Other than Blogathon a few weeks ago I haven’t used my cell Internet service and so I opted to switch back to basic internet capabilities – my cellphone is no longer going to be used as a modem for my PDA.

I’ll regain my ability to post pictures to my moblog, and my text messaging will be a monthly paid service instead of a per-msg charge. I get 400 text messages per month for $5. I’ll also be able once again to hook my phone up to announce when I have emails to my cootiehog account so that I know when I’m being spammed or the website has gotten a comment.

I’m saving about $10 by switching away from T-mobile Internet. I thought briefly about changing phones (this one is two years old) but opted to wait a while longer to see what other phones become available for a free trade-in. I want one that has Bluetooth and those are about $50 right now – I’d prefer for Bluetooth to become a little more commonplace (you’d think it is at this point) and will nab a new phone then.

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