Phew…Is It Monday Already?

What a weekend! I feel like I didn’t even GET a weekend from all the things we did – so many I can’t even recall (don’t I say that EVERY Monday?).

Friday night was worship team practice – it went better than expected and I was actually home at a reasonable time, which was nice. Usually I’m not home until about 10 p.m. on practice nights, but I think I walked in the door at 9:15 p.m. or so this time!

Saturday was the first women’s ministry breakfast for my church – our leader, Krista, did a great job and we had about 20 women show up. For a small church like ours, that’s an outstanding turnout! I got lost at some point (there were TWO houses on her block with her house number). But I managed to walk in only 15 minutes late – and was actually NOT the last person there! However, the goodies I made had a sugar drizzle that managed to get all over my passenger seat. NOT good when it’s 100 degrees outside and you have no choice but to park your car in the sun.

With the hot temps came the desire to get in a pool, and I managed to sneak 30 minutes into the schedule where I could take CootieGirl next door and get a quick dip in. She had a blast (as always) and this time around she did the dunking herself. I had her on one of those mats that adults use to lounge in the pool. She was crawling from her end to the other end where I was with arms outstretched. Well, she took a turn and crawled right off the mat and into the water. She went under the water about a foot or so and I took her arm and brought her back up. Like a champ, she blinked a few times to clear her eyes, took a few deep breaths, and promptly reached out for the mat again. She’s fearless, that kid. Love her.

The rest of Saturday went by in a blur, and next thing I know it’s Sunday morning. Our church meets in a local movie theater and yesterday it was SWELTERING in there as the A/C slowly took it’s time cooling the individual theaters. At some point after the worship team was set up I felt faint from the heat, but I quickly ate some food and drank TONS of water. I only became light-headed during the first song, but managed to keep it together (it was an easy song to play so no one noticed). Fortunately, our second set went quickly and I was able to sit behind our massive lighting setup and cool down some more. By the time we had to go up for our last song the theater had cooled down significantly and I felt much better and had no problem.

After church we met up with Ace & Anthony as well as Star, a woman Ace and I know from our “Buffy” message board. She was visiting Ace from CT and had her older son with her. It was nice to catch up and she made some precious clothes for CootieBoy when he arrives. When I got home I opened up the blanket and it’s DARLING. I plan on taking a picture and posting it at Scratch Mittens when I get the chance.

Upon arriving home CootieGirl and I were both overdue for our naps and slept for just over 3 hours. It was WONDERFUL.

Last night Denis and I watched “21 Grams”. I give it two stars out of five. If only for the fact that I was NOT amused by the editing. I hate movies that take 30 minutes to let you know what the plot is. I hate movies that pretentiously and unceremoniously dump you at various places along the timeline forcing you to “figure it out”. In this instance, it would have been MUCH more compelling to just TELL THE STORY than try and play “guess the plotline”.

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