Last night I had a dream in which I was dating a gentleman who had a website named Persephone. He was an artist, but looked nothing like the type of artists one usually envisions. This guy was more of a Marine than a hippie, if you get what I mean. His friends (of which he had many) were more the artistic type, and would hang out at this guy’s loft all day long just watching him create his art (which could be anything from painting on canvas to graphic design online).

The artist and I were just in the beginning phases of dating – doing that kind of dance around each other trying to determine if we really liked each other or not. And my appearance at his studio was the first such visit, during which his friends would decide if they liked me or not.

I guess they liked me, because in the end they asked me to go bowling with them. As we headed out the door, The Artist pulled me aside and kissed me. I had passed the test.

And then I woke up.

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