Perfectly Pleasant

I just had a really nice lunch with my pal Cakes who works just over the water in Queens. His train ride is only 5 minutes to get to my office, so we met down the block at a little deli and both scarfed down some curry chicken (it wasn’t that curried so I was able to eat it – if it had been really spicy I would have been mad).

We talked about the differences between NYC, Miami and SC (he wants to move to Miami, and as we all know I want to move to SC), we caught up on mutual friends and their activities, and basically just enjoyed being away from our offices for an hour.

We’ve decided to make this a regular thing and try to get together once a month or so. YAY to leaving the office for once and getting some somewhat fresh air for a bit!

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  1. It really breaks the day up when I actually leave the building for lunch. An hour in the middle of the day, out and about, seems like an eternity sometimes. A mini-vacation. I don’t know why I don’t do it more often. I do believe you’ve just inspired me to force myself to try.