Party Happenin’ People*

* If you can name the group that sings that song, you win a hearty “Huzzah!” from me

This week we’re on a baking frenzy to get all the cookies baked for our takeaway gift after the White Elephant party (which is in TWO WEEKS!). Since we’re gone all next week, we have this week and the week after Thanksgiving to prep – not a lot of time considering all that has to get done!

Last night Denis and I each baked cookies – he made spice, I made chip balls (an old family recipe). Then this morning because CootieBoy was up and ready for school long before he’s normally ready, I was able to get home and make some fudge before getting ready for work. Tonight we’ll each crank out at least two more batches of cookies, and need to do the same tomorrow night. Then the Saturday and Sunday after we’re back from Thanksgiving we need to do the same. That’ll result in eight kinds of cookies to give away – we normally give away more variety, but that’ll be enough for this year.

Last year after the party I took the time to write a post with the planned menu for this year. We’ll probably switch a couple things out. Denis’ coconut shrimp was a hit last year, but last month he made a shrimp appetizer that was a hit with the guys from small group, and one of them specifically asked Denis if he was going to make it for White Elephant. I’ll probably make the meltaways, but make them lobster meltaways instead of crab, since Denis is making his crab cakes.

All this talk of food is making very excited about the party. So far we have 18 guests, but at least 6 others have verbally told me they are coming. Should be a blast!

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  1. I’m hitting the gym tonight, but I still expect to cranky out another cookie between my time before I pick up the kids, and before you get home.

    And I’ll sit down with you and really finalize the food menu at some point. I have so many ideas. LOL Jaynee doesn’t like change.

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