Party at Donald’s and Lori’s

We went to a party at my firiends Donald and Lori’s house in Hollis Hills, Queens. Took us less than a hour to drive there and we all had a great time. Good food, drink and company. Here are a few pics from our time there. That’s Donald reaching for the dolls that float around the master bedroom at night. See a few of CG at the party here.

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  1. Yes, those dolls do float around at night. The one in the middle has been known to bite. But seriously folks – I enjoyed your visit to our humble abode and baby CootieGirl is a real cutie – she smiled, laughed, drank and fell asleep… not a bad way to spend the Labor Day weekend! I’m still trying to figure out how spiders can be more frightening than vampires. Don’t vampires have much bigger fangs? Heh heh – Well, I’m still not convinced – maybe you should take a poll on that! My money’s on the vampires.

  2. I lost my connection last night before I could upload the shots to Cootiepie. I’ll put them up there later today. No time this morning. Very busy.

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