Parent Teacher Meeting

I had a meeting this morning with CootieGirl’s teacher regarding her performance in the first quarter. The teacher basically said what I already knew: CG is a great kid who loves to learn and loves her friends. Ms. Teacher (obviously not her real name) said that CG is good about encouraging her more boisterous friends to “stay on green” all day (green being the best on the color code of behavior).

Ms. Teacher said that CG is very detail-oriented and that really comes out when she colors. Apparently at school CG really concentrates and wants to make sure every space is colored in at school. I laughed because this so obviously does NOT happen at home when she does her homework. Her coloring during homework is very slapdash “gotta get it done quick” kind of coloring.

In any event, CG will be getting an official report card in a few weeks on her progress, but for the most part got a glowing review from her teacher which made me very proud of her.

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  1. That’s great news. She is such a little teacher. We may have a future school teacher on our hands. I too am surprised with the level of detail in coloring since it is very slap dash at home. She just wants to watch TV and play at home. I assume that’s why. Thanks for the update.

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