Pantry Challenge: Week One A Success!

We’re actually almost halfway through Week Two of the challenge, and it has been a raging success thus far. I only stopped in to the grocery to buy one thing – and only because it was a major sale. Harris Teeter had Capri-Sun Juice ten-packs on sale, but e-Vic members got an additional discount, so the box was less than a dollar. Since I use those for lunches and try to stock up whenever I can get them cheaply, I decided to break the rules just for that one item. Well, two items. I also bought marshmallows because we’re about to start our baking frenzy in advance of the White Elephant party, and I know at least ONE of our cookie recipes requires marshmallows. But those were on sale as well.

Friday night I had some french onion soup and toast for dinner. They are pre-packaged soups that Denis got at Costco. I’m normally leary about those kinds of things (we’ve had a pre-packaged french onion soup before that was HORRIBLE), but the one we had last night was surprisingly delicious. Not as delicious as homemade, but close. We’re slowly making room in our freezer, which is what we needed in advance of the party the first weekend in December. Surprisingly, we’ve barely touched our actual PANTRY in the first week. We’ve been concentrating on clearing out the freezer so far.

It’s going so well we may extend it past the 30-day mark, and go for 40 days. We know we have enough food for it.

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  1. Glad that you are baking and preparing for the white elephant party…

    These gift parties are perfect social adventures. We do them online as a family, and have for the last 3-years..

    Have a wonderful party with lots of marshmallows!

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