It’s no surprise but Governor Palin has been found guilty of ethics violations. “A legislative investigator found that Palin violated state ethics laws and abused her power by trying to have her former brother-in-law fired as a state trooper.” Nor will it be a surprise when her conservative base continues to faun over her. These are the same people who have blinders on when it comes to President Bush and his disregard of a little something we call our Constitution.

Of course her ethics violation means nothing to those who love her style of “straight-shootin'” politics. Nor will it tarnish her hockey-mom status, but she had us all believin’ she’s a “breath of fresh air” in politics, not part of the Washington establishment, not in bed with the lobbyists. We thought she just needed a few more years and she’d make a perfect continuation of the Bush presidency. Maybe after this report, she’s not as green as we think. Is it too late to switch this to a Palin-McCain ticket? Remind me, which one’s the Maverick again?

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  1. Here are two websites that are gathering information about Palin’s other ethical question – who are the parents of Trig Palin:

  2. Denis, I know you don’t bother to read for yourself, so here is the actual Finding from the report (Yes, I downloaded it and read it myself.):

    “I find that, although Walt Monegan’s refusal to fire Trooper Michael Wooten was not the sole reason he was fired by Governor Sarah Palin, it was likely a contributing factor to his termination as Commissioner of Public Safety. In spite of that, Govenor Palin’s firing of Commissioner Monegan was a proper and lawful exercise of her constitutional and statutory authority to hire and fire executive branch department heads.”

    Note, it was “constitutional” and “proper” and “lawful.” The tortured logic the investigator used to get to the rationale that “it was likely a contributing factor” is that somehow Governor Palin personally benefited from the firing. The ethics law in Alaska, also in the report, says that, “any effort to benefit a personal or financial interest through official action is a violation”. The investigator concluded that because Governor Palin’s sister and nephew had suffered abuse at the hands of the out-of-control drunken trooper that somehow Governor Palin would “benefit” from the trooper’s firing. I agree with that–in fact, every citizen in Alaska would benefit from the firing of that abusive and drunken trooper. But to stretch that benefit to an “abuse of power” decision is a step too far. By the investigator’s logic, ANY action by the Governor against ANY employee that in any way improved the Governor’s execution of office, and hence her personal reputation, would be “abuse.” Using the same logic the investigator used, if Obama steals the election through stuffing the ballot box in Ohio with ACORNs, and then one of the Bush cabinet members refused to resign and Obama fired him or her to make room for a Democrat, that would be an abuse of power because Obama fired that person for his own personal gain–to get a person into office more likely to carry out his objectives.

    Courts have long held that in order for there to be any “benefit” there has to be a financial component. There isn’t any such component.

    I’m not buying it. I’m sticking with “proper” and “lawful” and “constitutional.” The Governor was within her rights to do what she did. End of story.

    Go ahead, Dems, spin it all you want. Compared to what Rezko is about to spill, this was nothing.

    Nobama in ’08, never.

  3. PalinBaby – that’s a ridiculous and such a stupid moronic supposition. As a mother, I also find it highly offensive that you would doubt that this woman gave birth to that beautiful child. As such, since this is my website, I’m very tempted to delete your links.

    Jaynees last blog post..Weight Loss Update

  4. Denis also hasn’t been paying attention to Alaska politics. Other than screaming left liberals, who are Palin’s biggest enemies? The Alaska REPUBLICAN machine, headed by such figures as those who are now on trial for felonies that will land them in prison. Palin has been the major factor in the dismantling of the ugly machine.

    Who stacked this inquiry? Said machine.

    ‘Nuff said.

  5. Denis, are you gettin’ all this? I’m guessin’ Jake Six-Pack and HockeyMarmie Richards won’t have much under the tree for you this year.

  6. That’s okay, Lori. It’s about giving, not receiving. And look at all George Bush has given us? A huge national debt, two wars, a financial meltdown, skyrocketing unemployment, countless jobs shifted overseas, the abandonment of the U.S. Constitution, and so much more. When will it be our turn to give? We should have given him an impeachment like he deserves long ago.

    I don’t dip into the well of mud. Who cares who’s baby that is? That has nothing to do with Palin’s lack of character or credentials.

  7. All of this is a red herring. The choice is, do you side with a party that says it dispenses happiness, or the one that makes it possible for us to pursue happiness.

  8. Denis – with Obama in office he’ll pursue his socialist idealism (and let’s be frank – his platform is VERY socialist friendly). Meaning – against our will, all the things we have will go to those less fortunate than us. I would much rather VOLUNTARILY give to those less fortunate than be required to do so – I do this through my tithe, which allows the church to do what it’s supposed to do – help the less fortunate. It’s not the GOVERNMENT’S place. It’s not my place as a TAXPAYER. It’s my place as a CHRISTIAN. This bailout bill? Is an example of those who are prosperous (i.e. – those who bought houses they could actually afford and can afford to keep it) now having to pay for the mistakes of low-income folks who bought houses they absolutely could NOT afford. And that’s just ONE example.

  9. Good answer, Jaynee! NoBama just keeps reiterating (stepping into it) that what he wants is “redistribution of wealth” so that the “rich” have to share their hard-earned money with those who won’t get off their sorry butts to work. We have worked HARD for the money and life we have. As Jaynee said, we want to give voluntarily, through tithes and other giving, to those who have a genuine need, not to whom the government mandates. Look up socialism in the dictionary.

  10. Do you people not realize how bad we’ve had it for the past eight years? If we can’t establish that fact, we have nothing to discuss here.

  11. I presume you mean the “last” eight years, not base.

    I’ve said before, it’s a big mistake to blame Pres. Bush for everything that has happened in the past eight years. I’d say Congress has a fair share of the blame. Of the eight years Bush has been in office – would you agree that the last two years in particular have been the most troublesome? That makes sense – hello Democrat-led Congress since 2006! They fight him tooth and nail on everything and refuse to pass most of what he presents to them – including requests for regulations on Fannie and Freddie!

    I’ll post about just two issues here – but there are more, obviously.

    First, I recently read a 2003 New York Times article that reported on Pres. Bush requesting regulations for Fannie and Freddie. In 2004 when calls for regulation came again from the Republicans, Barney Frank and his cronies said no (there is tons of CSPAN footage on YouTube to see). It is well documented that in 2005 McCain requested regulation again – begin rebuffed once again by the Democrats. So how is that BUSH’S fault? It’s not. It’s the fault of SEVERAL things – but not solely Geo Bush.

    How about job losses? Surely that is Bush’s fault, right? Nope. I believe NAFTA was signed by Clinton in 1992, and has been less than successful in achieving it’s promised goals of increased jobs and wages for US citizens. In fact, the Economic Policy Institute (a non-partisan think tank) concluded in 2006 that “Without major changes in NAFTA to address unequal levels of development and enforcement of labor rights and environmental standards, continued integration of North American markets will threaten the prosperity of a growing share of workers in the United States and throughout the hemisphere.” (

  12. Dinner must have been interesting tonight unless you two are like Mary Matalin and James Carville who don’t talk politics at all. 🙂
    D, I’d have to agree with Jaynee that a lot of the blame rests with the Dems who failed to regulate, failed to legislate, but did manage to sabotage Bush’s policies at every turn as payback for winning the election in 2000. It has been their agenda (according to well-known sources attending their caucuses) to hamstring his ability to effectively govern with any and all methods at their disposal. They lie effortlessly, along with the liberal press, and a lot of American people believe them. I pray God will help every American discern truth.

  13. Oh, Jaynee… I had no idea you and Denis were farming on opposite sides of the fence! I can’t even imagine. Thank GOD Rick pitches his tent in my camp or else this house would be a war zone. Bless you two for not killing each other during this election season!

    (ps – are we still invited to the party if we promise not to talk politics? 😉

    Meghans last blog post..My Joy

  14. The party is post-election, so as long as both sides agree not to lord the victory over the other one we’ll be fine. Besides, Denis has a friend that ONLY talks politics, and I think he’s coming again this year. So you wouldn’t be an outsider with the subject! I REALLY hope you guys can make it!!

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