Good Thing My Husband is a Saver

Our life has officially become a money pit in mid-2016.

Income taxes: A couple thousand due to Uncle Sam this year (which sucks when you are counting on a minor refund to help fund a summer vacation).
Denis’s van: $800 repair
Tree removal due to dead tree leaning dangerously close to our fence after it began uprooting itself: $700
A/C repair for the upstairs unit (a repair that did NOTHING because 2 weeks later it was still not working properly and the FIVE POUNDS of coolant they put in the system was gone after 2 weeks (please note they did NOT charge us a penny for the first followup visit earlier this week)): $500
Aging pets: $300 vet bill for annual checkup, vaccinations and meds.… continue on, dear reader!

Putting On My Best Shirt

A number of years ago I bought a shirt from Coldwater Creek – it was simple black/white patterned shirt, nothing special. I probably got it on clearance. The main thing it had going for it was that it was one of their “no iron” shirts (which I am ALL ABOUT).

The very first time I wore the shirt, people kept asking me if I was interviewing. I was not.
The second time I wore it, someone asked if I had lost weight. I had not.
The third time I wore it, I received several compliments on my appearance the entire day.

Weird. It got to the point where I hung the shirt in my closet and never wore it because I would get all … continue on, dear reader!

My Imitation of Jack’s Giant Coming Down the Beanstalk

Soooo…I had a TaeKwonDo class this morning. I went without CootieBoy, who opted to sleep in after a late night of videogaming (gotta love summer vacation). It was a family class so it had kids as young as 5 years old up through adults like me and another mom that was there, Em. The master started us off with general cardio exercises like jumping jacks and a few runs across the room and back. Then he had us working front snap kicks as we went across the room.

Then came the relay.

And this was my Waterloo moment at TKD. He lined us up in groups of three. I was with two young boys who were adorable but NOT fast. I was next to the … continue on, dear reader!

School Is Out, 77 Days of Summer To Go

School ended for the kids last week, and they only have 77 more days of summer to enjoy. They have spent that time staying up obscenely late (read: later than their parents), sleeping in ’til all hours (read: after 10 a.m. in some cases), playing on their electronics (which they got back once no more grades could be raised), and watching way more TV than they watched during the school year (if I have to hear Spongebob Squarepants laugh one more time, I swear I’ll…). CootieGirl and I have already watched a few movies together. All in all, a good start to summer.

Denis and I are trying to think of lots of fun activities for them outside of the normal ones like movies, the … continue on, dear reader!

Childhood Memories

During our garage sale a couple weeks ago Denis pulled out a box that turned out to have three old scrapbooks from my past. My childhood, college and post-college years. I believe I went through these same albums a few years ago because I’ve definitely scanned some of the photos in the albums and posted them on Facebook. But here are a select few that I know have not been scanned before.

What’s funny is that I have a lot of photos in those albums that I most definitely did not take, or of events was not a part of. Some college friends of mine took a road trip one year and I somehow have their pictures in my scrapbook. Same goes with some party … continue on, dear reader!

Of Medals and Men (or CB, In This Case)

Yesterday the Cootie family headed a couple hours away from home to watch CB participate in his first Taekwondo team competition with his school. He’s only been doing TKD since early January, and originally did not intend to sign up, but his instructors asked him to participate in the team demo contest at the championship. He said yes, and thus began doing TKD 6 nights a week – four times for his own classes, and 2 times for demo practice. His life has pretty much become school and TKD – and he’s loving every minute of it.

CB won a medalYesterday it all culminated with the day finally arriving for the competition! Our school is part of a group of five schools, all of which had students of … continue on, dear reader!

Changes at Cootiehog

cootiehog_wml_mhThis blog has been around since April 2002, making it just over 14 years old. Yep, it’s older than my daughter. I was feeling nostalgic for the old days when blogging software was very, very limited. In fact, my very first post was all about which blogging software I debated using, before ending up with Greymatter. Sidenote: all three blogging platforms I considered are now defunct.

Denis and I both blogged here in the early days – but he checked out from blogging many, many years ago and at that point it became my blog. At that point I removed the CootieCouple graphic that had been our “logo” for a year or two. In recent weeks I implemented a new theme on the site (I … continue on, dear reader!

Of Music and Martial Arts

I don’t know about you, but our schedule has been full to the brim with activity! Just when I thought our calendar might slow down, it doesn’t.

Thursday night CootieBoy had his annual school band concert – it was only an hour long and went by quickly. He did a great job and confirmed that he wants to do band again next year (“so I can go on the Carowinds Amusement Park band trip”).

Friday night CootieBoy had taekwondo practice for the big team competition taking place this coming weekend. It was a good rehearsal and even though they’ve never been able to practice with all 25 team members at one time, it is coming along nicely. I know CB is very excited. We found … continue on, dear reader!

Don’t Let Them Kid You – Taekwondo is a Workout

As I mentioned in a previous post, I signed up to take two months of free Taekwondo classes at my son’s TKD school. Last night was my first private lesson. When I walked in I found the mom that inspired me with her story and she was very happy to see me in my TKD uniform. “You signed up!” she said excitedly. “I did,” I said. “It’s all your fault, too.” She laughed and congratulated me on signing up. There were a couple other moms there (not taking lessons – just hanging out during their kids’ lessons) who also gave me a thumbs up when they saw me. I’m not alone! *lol*

However, I was mortified that my class was with Master JK, the master … continue on, dear reader!

What To Do With No Electronics

CootieGirl has been struggling with her grades this quarter, and the result is that for about a month now she’s had no access to her laptop or phone. At first she was very upset, but I think now she’s used to it, because we find ways to occupy her time. She still has access to TV, so we’ve been watching a lot of movies together and bonding over our girl time.

Last night she wanted to watch a movie with me, but since I was busy with something she opted to hit up the Bored Box instead. Have you heard of a Bored Box? Sometimes it’s called a Bored Jar, but we didn’t have a jar so I pulled out my Doctor Who lunchbox and … continue on, dear reader!

A Great Mentor is Hard to Find

Master JK and CB at the master's going-away party last week.
Master JK and CB at the master’s going-away party last week.
I’ve mentioned before that CootieBoy started taking Taekwondo earlier this year. He has been wanting to do it since 2013 (as evidenced when I was cleaning out my email this week and found my initial inquiry to the school from April 2013), and my deepest regret is that we did NOT sign him up at this school at that time. Because if we had, he’d be a black belt already, AND he’d have had a chance to work under his instructor for almost four years versus only four months.

I never participated in sports as a kid – I was a cheerleader briefly in elementary school (for the Sterling Saints – holla!), and played … continue on, dear reader!

So What Happens When You Win $350M in the Lottery

Well, it’s not $1.6 billion like the jackpot back in January of this year, but $350M would be a nice prize as well. That’s $155M after all taxes for those living in our state.

CootieBoy said the only thing he wants if we win is a Wii U. I told him that was a more than acceptable request.

Then he asked for a TV in his room, and I said that was NOT an acceptable request.

He was not happy.

Then he asked if he could be homeschooled if we won the lottery. I said that was an acceptable request.

Then he asked if I’d be his teacher, and I said that was NOT an acceptable request.

He was fine with that.

I mentioned that … continue on, dear reader!

Just One of Those Days

Someone’s got a case of the Mondays, and that person is ME.

Today has been horrible, and it’s only 9:50 a.m.

Had to take an alternate route to work due to multiple accidents on my normal route. No biggie – managed to clock in only 5 minutes late.

Then I couldn’t find my office keys, and no one was around that had a master key to let me in. After waiting 10 minutes or so, I dumped out my entire purse and finally found them – they had no been in their normal pocket (I’m somewhat compulsive about where things are stored in my purse so I always know where everything is).

Let myself into my office, booted up my computer once, then had to … continue on, dear reader!

Facebook Fast About To Begin!

My latest Facebook Fast begins later this week. It’ll go until my birthday in mid-June. I think that’s my longest one yet! As such, I suspect you will see me posting here much more often during that timeframe.

First up, my daughter. CootieGirl turned 13 years old this past weekend, y’all. THIRTEEN. How is that possible? She asked me to wake her up at the time she was born, which all these years I thought was 3:21 a.m. But on Sunday morning (a few hours after waking her at 3:21 a.m. to wish her a happy birthday), I pulled out her birth certificate, only to see her birthtime listed as 2:58 a.m. Oh well. I was close. We had a low-key day – no parties … continue on, dear reader!

A Lot Can Happen in Two Months

Folks, FOLKS – what a couple months it has been. Just when I think, "Wow, I’ve finally got time to dedicate to posting on Cootiehog," I have no time.

I don’t even know where to start, so I think I’ll pick up from my last post and update.

CootieBoy is about to test for his next belt next week. He’ll be doing another board break using a different kicking method, as well as a new TKD "routine," at which point he’ll be a green stripe yellow belt. We upgraded his membership so that he can attend unlimited classes – he is determined to get to black belt and has said that he wants to go to as many classes as they offer. In one bit … continue on, dear reader!

Catching Up

Lots going on, people. It has been a month since my last post. Ugh.

First some updates on stuff I’ve mentioned in the past few posts:

After many weeks wearing the Cone of Shame, we finally took it off Chilly. He had been wearing it because EVERY TIME he wasn’t wearing it, he would chew on himself. We got meds for him, which helped clean up the infection he got, but then we had to try some other things. We finally swapped out his food for another kind, and that seems to have helped. He has now been cone-free for about a week, with no more incidences.

CootieBoy continues to love Tae Kwon Do, and actually has his first belt test this week. He has … continue on, dear reader!