Over-Comfortably Numb

Okay, the first part of my root canal was this morning. He determined it was actually the very back tooth that was the culprit, saying a very bad cavity had made it’s way down to the nerve in the tooth. He gave me FOUR shots and I could still feel the clamp he put around my tooth. So he gave me a fifth shot which finally numbed the area. He cleaned out the tooth of all the decay and put in a temporary filling. He warned me that I’d probably feel MORE pain than I did with the last tooth, but that after a couple days I’d be fine.

So I was feeling great as I drove to work – still numb in my lower jaw, but otherwise fine. I even got to work at 9 a.m. – a full 30 minutes early!

However, by 9:55 a.m. I was no longer fine. In fact, I’m in some trouble. You see, apparently those shots took a REALLY long time to set in? So while I was numb for the work on the tooth, the anesthetic continued to do it’s magic. Five syringes worth of magic.

The entire right side of my face is numb – from my throat to the top of my ear. The result? When I talk I sound like a mix between a stroke victim and someone who is deaf. I can’t pronounce certain consonants. I discovered the problem when I answered Mr. BIL’s phone line. And could barely string a sentence together. Yikes. I’m sure the guy on the phone was doubtful that I was able to take a good message for him, and upon hanging up I walked over to Mr. BIL’s paralegal in a panic. The minute I started talking she began laughing at me. *lol*

As much as I enjoy having no pain (although I must tell you that my gumline is starting to feel pinched about now), I’d much rather feel pain and able to speak correctly.

I go back on Tuesday of next week for the remaining portion of the root canal.

Update at 11 a.m.: The numbness is finally wearing off. I’m now only feeling tingling on the right side of the mouth where the actual procedure was. In order to stave off any pain, I’m downing two Tylenols and praying for the best.

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