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So the office is closing in an hour, although I think I have to come back after the luncheon because Mr. BIL has an email that HAS to go out today and we haven’t even gotten in the supporting documentation yet from an outside party. Grrr….

In other news, CootieBoy LOVED his fishtank when he finally saw it last night. CootieGirl promptly got jealous and said she wanted her own fishtank as well. I told her she could certainly pick out a fish to go in CB’s fishtank, and that wasn’t good enough. She was also jealous that CB got his Santa gift a couple days early but we were able to avoid tears by telling her that Christmas was ALMOST here.

This whole Santa thing is tough. I told Denis last night that I would like to tell the kids the truth about Santa next fall, so that we don’t have to do the ruse. It’s too much work. Denis seemed against the idea of telling them it’s just a story, but then this morning CB noticed that a painting that had been in his room was now in our room. “Why is my picture there?” he asked. Denis said, “Well, when Mommy put your fishtank in your…I mean, when Santa brought the fishtank, he had to move things around.”


Heh. So yeah, I think next October/November we’ll be sitting down to tell the kids the history of Santa, and explain that some kids still believe he’s real. The other benefit of doing this is that they won’t start to think of Jesus being another Christmas myth but will continue to move on that journey towards having a personal relationship with Christ.

A lady for whom I made two childrens’ blankets is coming by tonight to pick them up. I had emailed her a couple weeks ago and never got a response, so I sent a followup email to tell her that she still had to pay a portion of the final cost even if she cancelled her order. Turns out, she was on vacation with her family at Disney World starting the very day I emailed her, and only just got back.

That’s it. I doubt I’ll be posting again today, so let me wish you all a very merry Christmas (in case you are one of those families that celebrates and opens gifts on Christmas Eve)!!

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  1. Love the fish tank btw!
    Happy Christmas to all the Cooties too.

    As for Santa, my parents always told us there was no such thing as Santa. We knew it was our Mom and Dad who bought the gifts for us and worked hard to do so. Early work ethic I guess. Anyway, it never bothered any of us as kids. The interesting thing is Sully wants F to believe in Santa – I prefer that he didn’t, but am willing to go along wit the ruse for the next few years.

  2. Please don’t tell the kids about Santa early. We plan on doing the Santa thing with our kids and you know yours will spill the beans when we’re together at Christmas.

    Denis, actually our parents told me when I was six years old. I have vivid memories of Dad sitting me on his lap and breaking the news about Santa, the tooth fairy, and the Easter bunny in one fell swoop. Mom said yesterday that she thought it was because they were new Christians and thought it was better not to do the Santa thing. I wasn’t too traumatized, but I was the one who spilled the beans to Jaynee even though Dad explicitly told me not to tell her.

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