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CootieGirl enjoyed her first soccer match this past weekend. This is momentous because in the past we’ve tried other activities and she’s disliked them all. However, given what happened this weekend in her first game, I’d say she’s hooked for life.

Until three weeks ago she’d never played the game in her life. Oh, she knew that it involved kicking a ball, and a cute uniform, but other than that she knows NOTHING about soccer. Going into Saturday’s game, she had only had TWO practices. Two.

Not exactly enough time to learn the intricacies of the game.

But she attacked it with gusto. Her team of misfits (only two of eight girls have played in prior seasons with this league) hit the field as parents geared up for what was sure to be a loss. So imagine our surprise when CootieGirl’s team scored the first goal! Parents cheered excitedly – maybe we have a chance – as the girls celebrated on the field.

And then it happened – CootieGirl approached the goal of the opposing team, and kicked the ball. And it ROLLED RIGHT IN. CG SCORED A GOAL! Needless to say I went nuts as though she had been playing a World Cup game and scored the winning goal. *lol*

The coaches were great – they rotated girls in and out of the game, as well as among different positions, so that everyone got to play. I’ve been told this is a much more friendly league, with less focus on competition and more on just having fun and learning the game. Apparently the Tega Cay league for which I thought about signing her up is hyper-competitive, which is NOT what I wanted.

Towards the middle of the second half CG’s team scored another goal, and the game ended with a score of 3-0, CG’s team coming out the victor. Needless to say CG was very excited, and rightly so! She did a great job. She remembered not to grab the ball with her hands, she kept up with the other players and got in there rather than just standing on the sidelines, and she had a good time.

She’s definitely looking forward to practice tomorrow night, and learning more skillz going forward.

Here are some pics that Denis took during the game. It was a beautiful day and it was nice to get outside and enjoy the cooler weather!

And lastly, CootieBoy was not happy about being there, but at least he had something to occupy his time.

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  1. i can’t get over how TALL they both are (& I know CB is seated, but he *appears* tall from the seated picture of him!). where does the time go. they look fantastic the two of them and I remember clear as yesterday when they both were born. Wow. glad she is playing and loves soccer. and cute to see CB engrossed in his mag lol!!

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