So, those Oscars were pretty boring last night, weren’t they?

No killer speeches (Jamie Foxx’s was close to interesting but wasn’t quite).
No killer dresses.
No amazing upsets.
No controversy from Chris Rock.

So boring.

I liked Chris Rock as a host in general – I laughed out loud several times and appreciated that a Bruce Vilanch joke was nowhere to be heard (and if it was, I didn’t hear it). His political stuff could have been left out in his opening monologue (*yawn*) but I thought he was funny.

Halle Berry needs to stick with the short hair. She’s much more luminous and gorgeous without it.

It’s about time Morgan Freeman won something, although he should have won for “Shawshank” over Tom “I’m the darling of Hollywood” Hanks for “Forrest Gump”).

I came to the realization last night that Clint Eastwood is still an attractive man. He may be added to the fake boyfriend list.

Awards from the audience? If I won an Oscar and wasn’t allowed on the stage I’d be pissed. Seriously. Why don’t I rate just because I did makeup or a short documentary?

Why did Barbra called Dustin Hoffman “Bernie”? Anyone know? Is that his character’s name in “Meet the Fockers” or something?

Did anyone watch Sandra Bernhard on the WE channel during commericals? She and some guy went live during the Oscars commercial breaks and dished on what was going on. Not entertaining, but still better than commercials.

The nominations for Best Original Song were almost all sung by Beyonce. What’s up with that? There were no other singers available last night? And besides that, what was up with all the nominations? Talk about booooorrrrrring. I hated all of the songs, really. I did enjoy seeing my fake boyfriend Antonio Banderas sing a bit though. Even if his wife does look like The Joker from the first Batman movie (ed: that’s Denis’ comment, not mine – I stole it).

All in all, a perfect snoozefest. Probably got some seriously low ratings after the first hour.

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