Operation Clear The Pantry: Week 3 Begins

Our 30 day pantry challenge continues to go well! Week 3 officially started today and so far so good – we have yet to go to the grocery story for anything other than milk and the few sale items I bought last week because the price couldn’t be beat (and my total only came to $3 and change).

Once Operation Clear the Pantry (really, it’s “clear the freezer”) ends on November 20th we’ll kick it into high gear to fill it back up with foods and cookies we make for the White Elephant party.

This week Harris Teeter has an eVic special for flour – since we’re going into heavy baking mode I’m going to take advantage of the special this weekend and pick up the bag of flour so we have it on hand. But spending $1 is worth it considering we’ll use every last bit of it as soon as the pantry challenge ends!

Tonight was an “on your own” night. I had popcorn shrimp. Denis has BBQ chicken. CootieGirl had mac & cheese, while CootieBoy had chicken fingers and applesauce. Not the healthiest of meals, but everyone was happy, and it’s Friday, so there you go.

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