Oops, I Did It Again

So Denis and I finally became pretty much credit card debt-free a couple months ago. We still use the cards, but we pay them off each month so in Denis’ mind we’re still debt-free. In my mind we still have debt each month – that’s not living debt-free. But that’s neither here nor there. What’s important to note is that this month I went a little nuts with the credit card. It was purely accidental – I had no idea I had charged that much.

I had my garden project where I bought wood, dirt and flowers -which came to about $200 and looks LOVELY (or will look lovely once I paint it ($24)). Then there was that second pair of contact lenses I ordered when I was so pleased with the first pair. That was almost $200, too. Factor in my accidental Amazon purchase (I meant to use a gift cert my pal Gladball gave me but forgot to input the code), and a few other charges and voila – I’ve got a high number going. It’s still under $1000, but it’s solidly more than $500.

And today, I KNEW I shouldn’t look, but I went to a gardening website. I was really upset a couple weeks ago when I discovered our garden centers in Bloomfield were sadly lacking in any real VARIETY of flowers – both in kind and color. So I got an email from Better Homes & Gardens all but begging me to go search around for some pretty flowers to order.

So I did. And daggumit I saw some really pretty things and placed an order. One was a gallon pot of Clematis “Belle of Woking” which is a vine that we already have in our backyard. But I want to try getting a small arbor and having the vine grow over that in the backyard. That would be beautiful. Then I saw some lovely blue delphniums that I just had to have (our area has NO blue flowers available to buy). I’ve been looking for some ornamental grasses and found a nice Miscanthus “Sarabande” that will look nice once I separate it and plant it in different areas of the garden. Finally, we have two lovely lilacs in the backyard – one pink and one white. I thought (again) that blue would be a nice addition, and so I bought Syringa vulgaris ‘Little Boy Blue’.

Denis, I swear I won’t order any more flowers online. And I hope I win big at Foxwoods Casino this weekend to help pay for the large Visa bill coming in a couple weeks.

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  1. We’ll we might not be debt free any longer (not even by my standards, and those are the correct, worldwide standards for debt free) because your bill is high and so is mine. There’s over $750 on mine (mattress, TV, etc.) You do have that extra incoming from that freelance job. You don’t have to give all of it away to the casino this weekend.

  2. Okay, I won’t. Hotel and $100 for Foxwoods is all I’ll spend. So $150 can go towards my visa. =( I HATE BEING RESPONSIBLE (although wouldn’t TRUE responsibility dictate that I not gamble with ANY of the money?)…

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