Oops – A Day Early

Turns out my weight loss study appointment was tomorrow, not today. Oh well. Despite this they let me do must of my stuff today, except for the consult with Karen Carpenter (she wasn’t there since she was expecting me tomorrow).

It was a good weigh-in – according to them I’ve lost 7 pounds since the last appointment. But I really know it’s eight pounds because when getting dressed this morning I had two options: super-light pants that are way to big on me, or heavy denim-like pants that fit me perfectly. I opted for vanity and wore the heavy-denim pants. So I know the scale would have shown another point lighter if I had opted to wear the linen pants instead.

In any event, I’m at 34 pounds gone as of this morning.

Two surprises this morning: I found out that my calorie limit is going to change now that I’ve lost over 20 pounds in the study. I have to admit that kind of worries me – but with any luck it’ll only be a 50-100 calorie difference. The other surprise was that I was expecting to get paid $200 since it’s the third month of the study, but I actually only got $20. So at the next appointment in June if I don’t get $200 I’m going to ask why I haven’t gotten it yet. When I started the study she told me I’d get paid $200 every third month of the study.

So that’s $200 I won’t have for the Disney trip that I was banking on. Oh well.

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  1. Does this mean you have to get up at 6 a.m. again tomorrow? LOL 34 and still going. Whoo Hoo!!! My “skinny” wife is coming back. Now if I can only shed these last five or ten pounds and get rid of my little belly. The family that loses together…

  2. No, Karen Carpenter is going to call me tomorrow at work to go over the questions she has. But my tech this morning said it should be quick since I’m doing really well and “obviously” don’t need any interview to improve what I’m already doing.

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