Oooh…Alias Season One

Today I ordered Alias Season One on DVD. Barnes & was offering an additional 5% off in addition to my discount membership, and I was also finally eligible for a $10 gift certificate through my Yahoo Points shopping. So I spent $43 on the DVD set (a full $5 cheaper than Amazon). I’m quite pleased with myself – and can’t WAIT to get the DVDs. I love Alias almost as much as I love(d) Buffy.

You know, when I was on maternity leave I spent NO money. I told Denis that my downfall would be going back to work – I tend to shop online more when I’m at work. And that’s been SO true in the past couple of months since my return. I’ve spent a LOT more money in the past month than I did the full three months I was home with CootieGirl.

Sorta makes the case for not working anymore, doesn’t it? *lol*

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  1. Or it sorta makes the case for not spending money while you’re at work. *lol*

    Alias is 10x better than Buffy. I don’t feel like everyone is laughing behind my back when I tell them you watch Alias like I did when I told them you watched Buffy and go to Buffy parties. Ugh!

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