Only a Little Off

Well, today I got my paystub and sure enough my calculations were pretty spot-on. I didn’t account for LTD and Insurance costs deducting from my paycheck, so I was $50 off – the exact same amount as my LTD and Insurance contributions combined. I will gleefully write checks tonight for our bills, knowing that I’ll actually have some left over after the fact!

The sad part is, my paycheck didn’t get deposited today. In fact, nobody’s did. We’re all cashless today. Poor Mare-Bear sent out her bills on Friday presuming she’d get paid today. Oops!!

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  1. I sure did mail them ALL out *lol*!!
    But everything was fine thank goodness. All wedding expenses have gone through (boy, those folks don’t waste ANY time cashing the checks).
    So I’m feeling pretty good right now.
    Ms. J also calculated all my $’s too and my gal was only a few $’s off, which was for the LTD that our company deducts.
    Cheers Ms. J !

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