One Week Down

(Editor’s note: this was actually written last night)

CootieGirl is now a week old. One week down, too many to count to go. It’s been a tiring week. On Monday, I did too much upon arriving home and Tuesday felt like I did hours after my C-section. By this morning, I felt a lot better, having done NOTHING on Tuesday and Wednesday. However, at lunch I strained something in my lower belly and now it hurts to sit in certain positions and to stand up from a couple of chairs in the house. Two steps forward, one step back.

CootieGirl is a living doll — she makes some funny faces when she has gas, and today she coughed one of the cutest coughs I’ve ever heard. She sleeps a lot, which is nice. I haven’t taken advantage of her long naps though, because once I get in bed I need help to get out, so naps are unavailable to me until I can get out of bed on my own. Pray that day comes quickly.

Since napping is out, I’ve been watching a lot of TV. Daytime TV. Like People’s Court, Judge Joe Brown, and Judge Judy. Yes, my new TV passion is cheesy court TV shows. They rock! I’m also watching Days of Our Lives again. When did that show get so crappy? It’s pretty bad. But I still watch it. Got nothing else to do right now.

My appetite hasn’t returned and the weight I gained with CootieGirl is quickly melting off. Of the 50+ lbs. I gained, I’ve lost more than 30, and have only 20 or so to lose to get to my pre-pregnancy weight. Once I’ve recovered fully, and once CootieGirl gets her first round of immunization shots, I plan on doing a lot of walking. I’m also going to re-join Weight Watchers.

Well, CootieGirl is fussing in her crib — duty calls.

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  1. What a cutie! I remember when my little one was that small. Seems like I just brought her home from the hospital. Her birthday was yesterday… one year old! Woo hoo.

    You can visit her site and see my honey… come on I’m a proud mama, I go to show off.

    Our Baby Minako

  2. Baby Minako definitely is a cutie. One year’s old. I’m sure it feels like she was born just yesterday. Happy Birthday, Minako!

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