One Track At A Time – All 6,212 Of ‘Em

I have 6,212 tracks on my Creative Zen MP3 player. That’s actually lower than the number I thought I had. I thought I had almost 7,000 songs.

Anyway, a couple days ago I decided that I was going to listen to all 6,212 tracks. In a row. Alphabetically. As of right now I’m up to track 169, which is “Agnus Dei” by Third Day. I have only fast forwarded through three tracks thus far: two Don & Mike radio excerpts which are hard to listen to at work, as well as one Ricky Gervais podcast that is also difficult to listen to at work. I’ve told myself that the ONLY things I’m allowed to fast forward to are the “spoken word” tracks – like the Gervais podcasts or my Pimsleur CDs that I have for learning to speak Russian. I can’t very well sit at my desk shouting out Russian phrases when I’m supposed to be dictating.

I admit I’ll dread when I get to the B’s because my Zen had a lot of Beethoven, Brahms and Bach saved – and they are saved with the artist name at the start of the song name. So I’ll be hearing a lot of classical music all in a row when I get to the B’s. I don’t mind classical music – I just don’t know how much I’ll enjoy listening to a solid hour of it in the late afternoon when I could already easily fall asleep at my desk without any help, thankyouverymuch.

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