One of Those Days

Today has been one of those days. About 20 minutes after one of my bosses arrived, he gave me four tasks. Just as I finished the first one, he gave two more. Just as I finished the second one – you guessed it, two more. And so on and so on until I had completed five tasks and had easily another 10 on my desk.

It’s now 1:20 p.m. and I have one task left (phew!) and have had no lunch. I fear that just as I finish it he’ll call me into his office and ask for a couple more things to do. He’s leaving early today, so my other fear is that he’ll dump a bunch of stuff on me as he goes flying out the door.

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One of Those Days

Last night I didn’t feel well again. This pregnancy has really taken a toll on me – it seems that every 3-4 weeks I get a fever, chills and nausea for about 24 hours and then it goes away, still leaving me behind to feel like garbage. Baby Bean (or Cesar, as we call him here at work) is not treating me kindly.

The only good thing was that I am taking a vacation day on Monday for a mid-day doctor’s appointment (where I will bring up the monthly flu bug I keep getting). I sent out an email yesterday to my bosses telling them that I’m out on Monday.

This morning I was given half a dozen projects that have to be done today. The day that I HAVE to leave by 5 p.m. because I have to pick up CootieGirl tonight from daycare. It’s 12:30 and I have two of them done. One project is almost done – the four books just needs to be bound (we ran out of book tabs and so I can’t bind my books until we get new ones this afternoon). Another project is still printing on various color printers around the office. Another project is still in the editing stage. And yet another project is nowhere near done because the boss that gave me the project IS NOT EVEN HERE YET.

So add on top of the workload the fact that I’m still not feeling 100% (I still have the nausea from yesterday), and I got very little sleep last night because pregnancy-induced acid reflux decided to start playing it’s game last night, resulting in my sitting up in bed nearly half the night in order not to choke on my own bile, and let’s just say it’s not a very good day today.

Update at 1:52 p.m.: The boss who hadn’t shown up yet is taking a vacation day. Apparently he wanted to goof around on the first gorgeous day we’ve had in a long time. So I’m off the hook for that project. Sadly, that means Mare-Bear will probably have to finish it on Monday (I always feel bad when she has to do my work when I’m out). And currently I have three other sets of books sitting on my desk waiting to be bound after the tabs arrive (supposedly they are on the way). So I went from swamped a couple of hours ago to having it pretty well under control. I still feel like garbage. I had three bites of pizza and one slice of orange for lunch and couldn’t eat anymore.

Update at 4:24 p.m. – I actually managed to get all the projects done, except for the one with the missing boss, which has to be done on my day out on Monday. There’s a great sense of relief when all calls have been returned, packages have been picked up, travel reservations have been verified, and books have been finished. It was a BUSY BUSY BUSY day today. Thank God it’s Friday, and 4:24 p.m. at that!

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  1. HIM: “What is that?”

    HER: “I think it’s bile.”

    That’s a good show that I miss. I’m assuming you can name it?

  2. Poor baby. Definitely bring up the monthly virus with the Dr. Hope you have a better weekend. Eats small meals. Are Tums your best friend again? 😉

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