One More Month

Summer lasts for one more month and then the kiddies are back in school. So, I plan on making it a fun month for them as much as possible.

Today will be pool time for a few hours, lunch, and then video games. CootieBoy requested video games last night, and I’m going to oblige him for a couple of hours in the afternoon. Then we’ll watch a kid movie before Denis gets home from work.

Tomorrow the VeggieTales movie is one of the free movies showing this week, so I’ll probably take them to that, followed by free bowling, followed again by more pool time before Denis gets home.

Wednesday I may take them to the zoo for the day. We just went a few weeks ago, but we need to renew our membership in the next week or so, so I’d like to go one more time before we renew to make our $60 annual membership be that much more cost-efficient for 2008-2009. While I’m there I’ll re-up for the 2009-2010 season.

Thursday will be a quiet day – hanging at home and hanging at the pool. Then on Friday, my friend Obi will be (hopefully) coming over with his band (Westbound Train) for breakfast. They are on the Warped Tour this summer, and are playing in Charlotte on Thursday. Friday is a travel day as they head to Florida for a show on Saturday, so I’ve emailed him to invite him and the band over for breakfast – I know the kids would love to see him (they love Obi). Alternatively, we’ll be meeting them wherever they are having breakfast on the way out of town. I’m tempting them with homemade though (eggs, bacon, french toast, etc.) in the hopes they’ll come to the house instead.

The rest of Friday is up in the air, really. If we end up meeting Obi in Charlotte, I may take them to Discovery Place afterwards. Then there’s always pool time obviously, maybe more video games, maybe a Netflix movie. Maybe mini golf or a petting zoo. We’ll see.

In any event, four more weeks – it feels like summer just started, and now it’ll be over in four more weeks. Time is flying by!

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