One More Day

Only one more day and I’ll finally be home for good. Can I make it? I hope so!

Yesterday my awesome roomate was discharged and in her place was put a nauseated, rude replacement — so I got permission to move to another room down the hall. The perk? PRIVATE ROOM!

Still not sleeping a lot — last night I got six hours, interrupted twice by the need to pee. Can’t wait to sleep my normal 12 hours, interrupted three times by the need to pee. That’s what I got used to by the time CootieGirl arrived.

Today, Denis’ mom and brother were able to come see the baby — as predicted, she claimed the baby looked like Denis. (editor’s note: I don’t think she said that.) So each grandmother has staked a claim on the baby’s appearance.

Yesterday, my dad was able to visit for a few hours between business trips. He has agreed (finally) to being called “Pop” — a name his own father used. He was about to be dubbed “Big Daddy” by me, so it’s a good thing he finally spoke up and agreed to “Pop.”

He generously gave us an unbelievable present — his Ford Explorer. It’s an older car, but he’s taken good care of it and it’ll definitely come in handy to have a true “family” sized vehicle!

So, for a while, Denis will have to continue to post for me since there’s no way I’ll be able to access the attic, but he’s keeping me informed nonetheless!

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  1. Um, Jane 12 hours of sleep I think is a thing of your past…Unless twelve hours interrupted 3 times by the need to pee and another 6 times by CootieGirl’s need to eat.

    Note to both Grandmothers…Rob and I think she looks like Jane…but we still love Denis just as much!

  2. That’s funny that you say she looks like Jane, because I pulled out pics of me as a baby and she pretty much looked like my sister. Let’s see how this plays out.

    And Jane she just forget about sleep for the next year. I’ll be sleeping for both of us from now on. *lol*

  3. I laughed at the 12 hours sleep comment too. Who is she kidding?

    I can attest to the fact that CootieGirl looks a lot like Daddy, especially after seeing his baby pics. She definitely has his mouth and eyes.

    So precious. I miss seeing/holding her already. *big sigh*

  4. Well Gracie looks like my baby pictures too but as we all know she looks like Rob! Very strange when too gene pools mesh!

    Denis, you can forget about sleep too, trust me!

    I can’t wait to see her in person!

  5. I think CootieGirl will be beautiful whoever she winds up looking like, but a combination of both of us would be nice. I would have to go back to any of the earliest photos you sent us, but as I remember it, Gracie looked like daddy from minute one.

    Oh, I’ll get my sleep. Jaynee’s going to be in the other room, I’m a heavy sleeper, her mom is staying two weeks. It’s going to be like a vacation for me. *lol*

    I can’t wait to show her to you, too. You’ll have to e-mail or call me and let us know when you’ll be stopping by for that visit.

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