One Month, Two Months

One month from today Denis and I will be on vacation, heading down to NC for a week of fun. In two months my friend Mare-Bear will be getting married. And in three months we’ll all be in 2007 2006! Hard to believe – this year has SPED by.

In mildly related news, I spent a good portion of the weekend just looking through my house-building folder. I had at least 30 floorplans in there and I weeded them down to the final 7-10 that Denis and I like, with another five having just one aspect that I like. But my favorite plan is still this one, mainly because of the HUGE entertaining space. Yesterday I grabbed a pencil and sketched out the minor changes I would make (changes that would add sq footage without changing the basic footprint of the house, thus keeping costs down). I also sketched out a finished attic space (not currently included in the plans) utilizing the two dormer windows in the picture, which would become a bedroom suite with walk-in closet, large bath and 12×18 bedroom). That room would start as a guest room but would eventually become CootieGirl’s when she gets to be a teenager (wow, shocking that I just typed that sentence – I’m gonna have *teenagers* someday). I also found out that an attached garage is cheaper than a detached garage, so we’d have an attached side-load garage as well. Anyway, I love that floorplan. LOVE IT.

As for the dress alterations for Mare-Bear’s wedding, I spoke with a seamstress that my neighbor recommended, and I’ll be meeting with her on Wednesday with the dress to discuss what can be done and for what cost. I plan on taking the dress to the alteration person near my house to see what a so-called “professional” would charge so I can get an idea of pricing. I also need to start looking for some fake boobs, since I’ll need them for the dress, regardless of what kind of alterations are done. At a minimum I need to be a size D/E for the dress to look right even after alterations are done. Maybe I can have the seamstress sew something in there for me – we’ll see.

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