One Last Story

One more bit from our vacation.

While in Nashville we managed to meet up for dinner with our neighbor’s son, Brandon. He was done with his freshman final exams at his school (Belmont University) and his dad was picking him up the next day. We arranged to meet at Jack’s BBQ on Broadway, near Tootsie’s and Legend’s Corner, two pretty famous bars in Nashville. We walk in, and immediately I see Dave Mustaine fixing a drink from what looks to be behind the counter. I was shocked, and my first thought was “Wow, how low this man has come that he’s working at a BBQ shop in Nashville.” Then I realized that the drink machine he was using was for customers, not workers. By that time I had already picked a booth to sit in, and moments later he and his buddies came and sat at the table next to us. What was hilarious was that I saw these two teenaged boys walk in and glance over at Mustaine, then quickly shuffle off to the back of the restaurant. About 10 seconds later they came back to the front and asked if they could have a picture with the rock star. He said something about “after I finish eating,” and they quickly agreed and said they’d wait outside. Their total wait time? About 30 minutes. For Mustaine fans, he looked great, considering his history. But then, he’s been off drugs since 1996 (I think that was his final year of drugs).

No other celebrities were to be found, although I was surprised that our musician in residence Brandon didn’t even recognize Dave Mustaine. His comment was “Well, I don’t listen to that kind of music.” Well, I don’t either, but even I know who Dave Mustaine is! *lol*

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  1. Don’t know if you knew this, but I actually transferred to Belmont my senior year and that’s where I graduated college…with a minor in music business (changed from Religious Ed at GWU)

  2. I loved the music business minor at Belmont. I definitely think he (Brandon) needs to do all he can to get involved in internships, etc as the “biz” is very competitive in Nashville.

  3. While I am not a huge fan of Dave Mustane, I am a HUGE FAN of any celebrity sightings!


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