One Down, Several To Go

Thanks to the intrepid Christy in SC who did a drive-by, we have received word that one plot of land we saw online in Fort Mill is not just next to big high tension wires, but apparently a tower is practically sitting next to the property. So that lot (.68 acres) is permanently off the list.

I saw a couple new listings today at – including some that were listed by the very real estate office that we visited when we were there last week. So I may call that realtor and say, “HELLO? HAVE YOU FORGOTTEN US?” I know he hasn’t – he sent us a listing yesterday for a house in Tega Cay. I don’t know why he insists on sending us listings when we told him we’re not prepared to move for quite a while, but he did. The one good thing about the listings? They are in the price range we mentioned to him as opposed to being gloriously out of our range, which was the house he walked us through when we were in town.

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  1. He’s sending us listings of homes and not land because he’ll make more if he sells us a house and not land at one tenth the price.

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