One Boss Down…

So one of my bosses just left today for a 2-week vacation in Alaska. Jealous! He came over and said, “See ya, good luck,” and then was off. No fanfare – which was good.

One of my other bosses is out the bulk of the day tomorrow but may be in the office late in the afternoon. I plan on being out of here by 3 p.m. myself, which is around the time he may be back. Is it wrong to want to just walk out of here the way David Caruso left the set of “NYPD Blue” after one season?

As for the corporate brochure, at 12:02 pm I handed over the first full pass-through to one of the bankers working on it. It is now 2:56 p.m. and I’ve received nothing back.

I’ve mostly cleaned my computer and work area of all personal stuff. I plan on taking some stuff home tonight (pictures, etc.) so that tomorrow I just have myself to take home. Can’t wait!

My temp has been hired (Broadway Girl) and will begin on July 25th. Tonight at 5:30 p.m. I’ll be giving skills tests to two applicants. Let’s hope they do better than the chick from yesterday who was downright imbecilic.

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