On the Way Back from Brooklyn

I hung out with my friends and former co-workers after work on Thursday and as I was riding the 2 train back from Brooklyn, I snapped this pic. CootieGirl loves green frogs. Maybe I’ll see if these come in kid’s sizes for when she gets old enough to wear them.

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  1. They do have these in kid sizes! Makes me wonder if the person you saw wearing them had teeny feet! 🙂 And I think CootieGirl would look Fab in them!

  2. I think so too! Of course, she’s never worn a pair of shoes in her life yet, so I don’t think the first pair of footwear should be rubber frog boots. We’ll have to think about this.

  3. She’s 3 months old – how can you possibly know that she loves green frogs. And what other colors do frogs come in? 😉

  4. In baby toy world, elephants are pink, bears are blue and frogs easily can be yellow. But she loves the green frog on her mobile, and her wrist rattle and one other green frog she has. I forget where.

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