On The Other Hand…

So while Tivo is getting better and better, I’m sad to report that AllConsuming.net is experiencing difficulties right now and I’m not too happy about it. I LOVED the old format but all of that is gone when Erik’s server went down in April. Supposedly it has better functionality despite the lackluster appearance, but I don’t see it being better. It uses a new tagging system as opposed to categories, and I just don’t see it working for me.

And my entire reading list on the right is now a disaster – none of the links work at all since he’s changed his whole system around. I’m all for change, and I realize he needed to rebuild the problem after having serious server issues, but to make it completely different seems counter-productive. :confused:

So I may just do the MT-Amazon or research some other way to keep my list current. Half the fun of the way my list worked in the past was that the link would take you to a great page at AllConsuming that had reviews of the book from other AllConsuming users.

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