On The Mend

Denis’ eye is doing a bit better. This morning when just before I left for church Denis left with our neighbor Don to have his eye looked at again. They repeated last night’s efforts and then recommended he see an opthomalogist. Since it was Sunday, the doctor called one specifically to make himself available. By the time I got home from church around noon Denis was on percoset and awaiting the doctor’s call.

I managed to talk Denis into sleeping a bit and the doc called and recommended that Denis NOT go see him because he’d only do what the doctor at the medical center had already done. I tended to agree and we agreed that Denis could go see the eye doctor tomorrow morning.

Denis managed to get some sleep throughout the day while I took care of the kiddies. By early evening he was more like himself and actually allowed me to put eyedrops in his bad eye.

Tomorrow we’ll see how he’s doing and if his eye is feeling better maybe we can avoid going to the eye doctor at all – if it’s still bad then I’ll need to go in late to the office so that I can drive Denis to be checked out.

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