On the Bus

I realize I am working backwards in time, but I think this is necessary to complete the Trifecta that has been my morning.

Jaynee and I ride the bus into work every morning and eight times out of ten we get a psycho-woman bus driver. I won’t bore you with those details. Another time maybe. Well, it’s a comfortable 62 degrees on the way into work this morning. Overcast, but comfortable.

The air conditioning on the bus is usually pumped to the max and in the middle of the summer, women are wearing parkas on the bus to stay warm. This day, the A/C is broken and hot air is filling the bus. As we approach Manhattan, a woman finally asked to have the heat turned off.

Psycho bus driver struggles with the concept of a broken A/C for five or ten minutes, having conversations with herself and anyone who happens to be looking at her. She said we were lucky the temperature wasn’t higher today, otherwise she would have had to pull the bus over and make us wait for a bus to pick us up on the side of the highway. Fortunately, we didn’t have to go through that and my string of “good” luck began.

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  1. And there was no milk of any kind, not fat-free, 1%, 2% or half-and-half, which is the only thing I use in my coffee at work, here at the office this morning. And the work portion of the day only promises to get worse. One o’clock can’t get here fast enough.

  2. I just popped a button off my shirt while I was in the bathroom. Jen, I thought you said these things happen in threes? Is this the second of the second set of three’s? The first in this set being the complete lack of milk in the fridge? I’m getting my haircut this afternoon. Let’s hope that’s not part of any threesome.

  3. Remember Denis it could always be worse…the bus could have broken down…the ATM could have deducted the $60 and you would be fighting with the bank as I type AND you could have gotten food poisoning from the eggs…there could have been milk but it was sour and you didn’t realize it until AFTER your first sip and it could have been your zipper that broke not just a silly little button!!! Now stop complaining or Jen won’t come to visit you guys!! PLUS you only have 30 minutes left and it’s a long weekend my friend!

  4. Tara, no complaints here. I know my life can always be worse. I think that’s how I look at it. *lol* From there, you can only go up, right? How’s that baby? I’m sorry we missed you guys last weekend. We definitely have to get together. How old is she now? Sixteen years old? Just kidding. Only three weeks or so, right? I bet she’s a cuttie. Any new pics for posting on Cootiehog? Send them our way.

  5. Grace started college this week!! No really she is 3 weeks and 2 days and it’s been that long since I have slept although I still find time to read the hog, go figure! I will send a cute picture I have so you can post it but I will develop more film on the weekend!

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