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So today I found out there is a way that one can customize a cellphone to allow for additional performance. For instance, I discovered that you can “flash” the Motorola RAZR V3 to enable it’s video recording capabilities. It’s a function that comes “turned off” but you can mess with it and get it to actually record. Apparently lots of RAZR folks have done it successfully. So I’m on a mission this week to “flash” our phones so that we can record video.

I also had an epiphany today with regard to music at my desk. See, I’ve had my CD case here with my Top 200 CDs and keep switching out the CD for the next one. All of a sudden :doh: I realized I can just use Windows Media Player and “copy from CD” onto my C drive and take the cds home. So this afternoon I’ll be moving over a couple hundred songs onto my hard drive for permanent music. I can’t believe it took me two months of trading CDs in and out of that tray to remember to do this. Sometimes, yes, I’m an idiot.

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  1. Just know that if you’re planning to copy the whole CD, like I did, you’re likely to usurp your hard drive pretty quickly. Between the music and the family photos and the personal email file folder (but mostly the music), my (ahem, company’s) computer became pretty full. :nono:

  2. Nah, I’m just picking the top 5-6 tracks that I like from each CD. I’ve done about 100 cds so far and have 207 songs on my computer. Not too bad.

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