On Independence

On Saturday afternoon I got home from the Y and heard raucous noise emanating from the upstairs bathroom. As I headed upstairs I asked, “You are giving them another bath?” (so asked because we had given them both a bath the night before).

“Yeah, we had a bit of an accident. It’s in our room.”

I went into our room and didn’t see anything too out of order. Denis, realizing I saw nothing said, “The rocking chair.”

The chair was covered in red ink from the stamp pads that Denis had in his end table drawer. But apparently the chair was not the only thing that she got the ink on:

Apparently Denis was downstairs with CootieBoy and trusted that CootieGirl would be okay watching TV in our room. He let her stay up there for a few minutes and came up to find this. Don’t know if he laughed, but I certainly would have.

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  1. I did chuckle to myself. The first thing I said, was “Don’t touch anything.” Apparently that was too late.

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