On Friday It’s OVAH!

My 90-day probation ends on Friday. I’m very happy about that (huzzah to having paid time off)! I don’t know where the 90-days have gone because part of me feels like I’ve been there for ever. It was such an easy fit when I arrived, and has continued to be so as each day passes.

Today is the day that I tell her that the ONLY thing I don’t like is my pay structure, and see what I can find out about the future. That’s the ONLY negative to this job. I like everything else about it. What I do, the people I work with, my commute, the way the place works, etc. The only “ouch” moment comes on payday every two weeks when I see a paycheck that is literally hundreds of dollars less than I was earning at my old job.

I normally hate reviews. At the investment bank in NYC they were done sporadically and my boss wasn’t very good at them (although he always said nice things). At the job in NJ we did quarterly reviews, which I HATED doing because I had to fill out this self-assessment form that they had and my boss was big into GOALS. I’m sorry – I’m not a sales gal. I’m a secretary. Secretaries don’t have goals. “I want to get up to 120 wpm on the keyboard by the end of the 3rd quarter.” Uh. No. So I just found it strange to do reviews there.

I’m hoping this review today is the last one until my anniversary date in November. And I REALLY hope I don’t have to do a self-assessment. But other than that, I’m looking forward to it! *lol*

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