On Being Rude

You know, some people just need to keep opinions to themselves. It’s not that hard. Remember the old adage “If you can’t say something nice…”? Well, apparently it doesn’t hold true for most people.

Because of this CNN thing, a local blog posted a link to me and said, “Hey, Jaynee’s going to be on CNN”, which prompted a few folks from that blog’s loyal readership to click over to Cootiehog and then promptly go back and say something to the effect of, “That blog sucks. Who cares about laundry and babies?” Another person commented that this blog was boring.

Okay, so that’s fine. I realize that my blog is not for everybody. If it was, I’d have millions of readers and would be famous like Dooce. I do talk about my kids. I do talk about things I have to do around the house. I do talk about trying to lose weight, books I’ve read, movies I’ve seen, tv shows I watch, things I do with friends, things I do at church. Some people like reading about the mundane things like that, others don’t.

Um, HELLO, this is not a political/religious/social blog. I’ve never implied that it was. So for some jack@ss to criticize my blog because it’s not like another one is just downright stupid.

But wait, if you can’t say anything nice, right?

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  1. What do they know? If all they looked at was the post about CNN yesterday, then they didn’t get the full flavor of Cootiehog.

    But then, I’m biased.

  2. I saw that too and I admit at first I was very taken aback by the comments left on that post. But, after I thought about it, I said to myself “So frickin’ WHAT? Who cares what they think?” *I* think you rock.

  3. You know what they do to celebrities, doncha? They tear them down! It’s the price of fame.

    Sorry if I was rude, and congratulations!!

  4. I think I know the blog you’re talking about and there are no comments on the post. Think the blogger deleted them? Or am I thinking of a different one?

  5. Jen – methinks it’s another blogger out there since the blog I was talking about still has teh full thread. such as life – I don’t aim to make everyone happy by what I talk about here. And as you saw, the perpetrator – latebloomer – came here and apologized, which was very gracious of her to do.

  6. Jayne rules…and since when does blogging have to entertain others. People really need to check themselves. Cootiehog rules!!! Peace and Respect,

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