Olympics 2012

New York is one of the cities bidding to host the Olympics in 2012. I think it’s a great idea and hope NYC stays in the running (today they reduce the nominees from four (San Fran, Houston, DC, and NYC) to two). Denis and I wanted to go to the 2002 Winter games in Salt Lake City – we even had our tickets to four events. But finances didn’t allow us to attend, so we sold the tickets and watched from our living room. But if we LIVE here then we’ll absolutely attend the games! It’s only ten years away – I think we’ll still be in NJ at that point. GO NYC!

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  1. Well, since I live in the DC area, I’m rooting for us to get it. Either city would be a great choice. I’m thinking the 2 selected today will be NY and DC – both cities have most of the facilities and transportation set up. And there’s the whole 9/11 sympathy thing too…

  2. I hope we don’t get it…it will be such a pain in the butt for us New Yorkers who live here…we have enough tourists we don’t need more and all of them at once…we also don’t need any 9/11 sympathy…Go DC or any other city!

  3. I predict we’ll be living in the deep south by then. *grin*

    Tara, what’s a few more tourists? The city is over run with them as it is. The only problem is security for the events. You thought NYC was a target before. D.C. is spread out enough for them to do it down there.

  4. Well, in case you didn’t hear today – NYC and SF are the final two cities in the running. They will decide in November which city gets to represent the US in the international host city competition.

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