Old Time Pianos

I took piano lessons for much of my childhood through my teen years. At some point I was taking lessons from a woman at my church, who had a REALLY old grand piano. It was gorgeous because it was a grand, but it was very old and decrepit looking. Despite looking old, it had a wonderful thick sound when it was played.

I would love to have a grand piano. If I had endless money I would love to build a house where the main foyer is SO LARGE that I can put a Steinway grand piano right in the center of it and STILL have plenty of room for people to stand around and listen to whomever sits to play.

The piano I have now, a regular Yamaha upright, needs tuning. We haven’t had it tuned since before we moved to South Carolina. The kids love to bang on it sometimes and I’d rather have it be in tune when they do it.

Anyway, I’m sure my old piano teacher still has that grand piano, and I bet if she knew about a company like Lindeblad Piano she’d probably think about restoring it. I know if I had a grand piano I would definitely get it restored because they are such lovely pianos!

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