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Back in high school my friend Susie was big into hip hop music. She’s the one that introduced me to the Beastie Boys before they showed up on MTV (they were the opening act for Madonna just before they broke wide open). The music of “my” generation is studiedly different from most of the top rap artists you might find today.

In my day (mid-1980s), rap music was much more innocent. Rappers dueled in songs called “Roxanne Roxanne” and “The Real Roxanne.” Dana Dane rapped about having “Nightmares.” Will Smith was the pre-tv show Fresh Prince and rapped about getting up late for school and rushing to get there only to find out it was Saturday. The most risque rap I can remember was “La di da di” by Slick Rick and even that is considered tame nowadays.

I don’t listen to hip hop or rap anymore unless it’s the old stuff. But I suppose if you wanted to learn about new artists you could visit a site like the one I linked earlier in the post. About the only thing that interests me about rap today is the amazing dancing still associated with it. But do hip hoppers even do THAT anymore? Or are they too busy posing gangsta with too much gold around their necks?

This or that: The Show, or No Show?

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